Career Success Talismanic Pendant w/ Chain



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“Christopher Penczak is a Witch, teacher, writer and healing practitioner. His practice draws upon the foundation of both modern and traditional Witchcraft blended with the wisdom of mystical traditions from across the globe as a practitioner and teacher of shamanism, tarot, Reiki healing, herbalism, astrology and Qabalah.” This powerful spell coin has been turned into a pendant for this very collection! This spell coin and the design inscribed upon it represent our ability to attract abundance and prosperity into our lives. This can be accomplished through “career”, or simply any pursuit that brings inspiration and purpose into your life. Inscribed upon the back of this coin is the following affirmation: “With fire, water, earth and air. By the four points of the compass square. Power to success in my career. Complete success fills my sphere. So Mote It Be!”.

Sku: CS122

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