Large Hand-Carved Selenite Ritual Knife (Athame) - Limited to 20



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You will find within stories and testimonials of old that cord cutting is very much a part of the common practice found throughout every style and sect of witchcraft and ritual. Commonly associated with breaking the bond between a physical person whom you share harmful attachments with, these rituals carry within them the true essence of personal power and favorable instillation. In this collection, we not only focus on this very specific attachment, but of the attachments that tend to strangle and suffocate our ability to create, conduct and proceed. These cords, or “attachments”, can be found connected with almost every aspect of experience or thought process you have had throughout your journey, with some even dating back before you can even remember, lingering beyond your memory on the earthly plane. The practice of cutting cords not only releases you from these draining and debilitating energies, but brings awareness to cords that you may have otherwise not recognized as harmful or even apparent. It is very important for you to foster your rituals in a way that is bespoke to your personal preference and style. Although there are many wonderful references and instructions that can be found from many wise and wonderful teachers, it is up to you to truly find meaning and truth in the rituals that you perform. Take your time with these processes. Take notes and write down your thoughts and experiences, for these are the most real and truly authentic steps that will lead towards obtaining wisdom and enlightenment. Before you begin, clear your space, burn sage, light incense, or use your preferred method of cleansing the area that surrounds you. After casting your circle of protection, light the white “New Found Intentions” spell candle that has been including within this collection. As you sit upright and allow the flame to dance before you, start to relax and become comfortable within your own skin. Focus on your breathing as you breathe in deeply and exhale. Once you are still, allow the visualization of cords to naturally appear. Work to understand where they may be attached to you on your physical and emotional body as well as where they may lead to. It is important that you understand that this may take time and conviction. You must require yourself to be transparent, free of judgement and defensive thoughts. These cords can be attached to lingering thoughts, specific persons, or experiences that continue to haunt and whisper misleading lies. Once you feel as if you have recognized these harmful cords, stand, placing your Selenite Athame/Ritual Knife in your dominant hand. As you extend this tool out in front of you, being to turn clockwise, reciting your intention. An example of this intention would be, “I release these energies from my being”, or, “I severe these ties of attachments as they no longer serve me and cannot be bound to me. So be it!”. Repeat this process as many times as you feel necessary. As you come to a close, breathe deeply again, allowing yourself to feel lighter, almost as if you were to float above the ground. This Selenite Athame was exclusively created and sized for this specific purpose and collection and was chosen for its undeniable ability to commune with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels for assistance. Feel free to wrap or decorate this ritual knife to your liking.
(Please know that this tool was not created to be physically sharp or intentionally pointed. Keep away from children and in a safe and sacred storage place. We have included a box specifically for you to place this knife within when not in use.)
Approx size: 8.5" to 9.5"
1 per order

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