Pearl of Divine Fire Shield Pendant (Agni Manitite .925)



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A rare and uncommon form of Tektite, Agni Manitite can be found on the island of Java, Indonesia. The Agni Manitite was created by a Meteorite crash over the Indonesian Archipelago. The name ‘Agni Manitite’ translates into “Pearl of Divine Fire” due to how this special type of Tektite was formed. The Agni Manitite is considered to be one of the stones of Krishna, due to how its energies correlate to the Kundalini. Similar to Moldavite in some ways, the Pearl of Fire pushes transformation forward and urges us to “start” the process of tasks that have been placed on the back burner for too long, yet hold high importance to our personal path. This may include art projects, unwritten poems, books, or simply creating something that you have always thought about but have not had the inspiration to begin. Commonly referred to as the initiation stone, the Pearl of Fire brings a fierce passion to our inner convictions, reigniting the creative spark that may have been easy to obtain earlier on your journey. We strongly associate this sacred stone with Athena, due to its overwhelming characteristics of courage, morality, intelligence, education, and strength. It is so easy for us to get distracted by negative self-thoughts and low self-esteem. The Pearl of Fire is a wonderful companion on our inspired journey, pushing us towards stepping into our true self, brimming with confidence, skill, and excitement. While wearing this stone, you will often find that you have more physical energy than you usually do, ready to start new adventures and live life more fully. In addition to these qualities, the Pearl of Fire provides us with a sense of sharp focus, gifting us with the ability to maintain our “flow” state for longer periods of time. This Agni Manitite has been set within a shield shape, surrounded by the phases of the moon, representing our connection with the Divine Feminine. As you work with this stone and become familiar with its benefits, we urge you to put your foot forward towards accomplishing those things that you have always thought about. We truly hope that this stone inspires and drives you forward on your path. Elemental Connection: Earth, Storm. Celestial Associations: Earth, Sun. Chain sold separately.

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