The Witches Moon® - Hecate ~ Keeper of Keys - October 2020

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As we walk into the sacred season of Samhain, we carry with us a deep and sinking feeling of gratitude for the many lessons that we have already learned in just these passing months. We are prepared and proactive in searching for the many answers and perceptions of questions that resonate within our current reality. During this time, we have been called to work with Hecate, inspired by and humbled by the wisdom that resides within her energies and vibrations. During a time of our deepest connection, we travel within the unveiled dark caves of past and present, upon the crossroads of decisions and unknown truths. In this very special and sacred collection, we work with the Goddess Hecate, traveling to depths within ourselves where she may shine a light and guide us towards the wonderful work of the dark half of the year.

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