The Witches Roots - The Tarot Collection - November 2021

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Searching for answers and guidance throughout our journey can be a very important part of our psychic development and overall well-being. As we continue to work with divinatory tools throughout the years, we become more perceptive to our surroundings, searching for symbols and clues that may represent something meaningful to us at a very special moment in time. These practices allow us to remain open-minded, washing away the stagnant crust of judgment and absolute sureness. It is during times of searching that we are able to keep our hearts and mind firing on all cylinders. The ancient words of the wise come from a view of the entire picture, untethered from mediocre negative thoughts and emotions. Know that the answers you seek are just beyond your field of view. In this very special collection, we work with wonderful tools to help refine our psychic sight and internal compass.

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