Belenos Altar Plaque



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The plaque of Belenos, the Celtic God, is cast in durable Polystone and has been hand painted.  This symbolic piece is a great addition to hang above your Summer Altar.  Belenos, or better known as Belenos, has been a prominent depiction of the Sun God.  To the Celts, Belenos was known as “The God of Solar Fire”.   His hair and beard are depicted as the outlying flames radiating from the Sun.  His wings were commonly known to be used to push the Sun across the sky in his beautiful Solar Chariot.  As with the moon, the sun carries with it the wisdom of ages past.  As you place Belenos in your surroundings for recognition, we are reminded of the power and magic behind the Sun.  Each day we are blessed with the opportunity to bask in the light of Belenos and reclaim our sense of determination.

5.25” Diameter

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