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Rhiannon, Goddess of Birds and Horses, is also know as the Queen of  Fairies.  A Goddess of Transformation, she uses her powers for love of others or self.  She shines in our hearts as an example of true love and beauty. She appears in both the first and third branches of the Medieval Welsh stories, The Mabinogion, a narrative which grew out of the ancient myths of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses.

Rhiannon is associated with Epona, the Gaulish Horse Goddess.  They are probably both derived from the ancient Celtic Goddess, Rigatona, whose name means “Great Queen”.  

Things sacred to Rhiannon are the moon, horses, horseshoes, songbirds, gates, the wind, and the number 7.

In the Mabinogion Rhiannon first appears to Pwyll, King of the new tribes of Dyved, as a beautiful  dream vision, riding a glowing white horse. Her hair shining in the sun, her birds twittering in circles around her head, She seems to be clothed by golden light.   Thus begins her journey to attain the man of her desires.  She possesses deep magic and can manifest her dreams and desires both for herself and for the good of all.  This statue is beautifully crafted and designed to the finest detail

Approximate Dimensions:  10” H x 8.5”

Cold Cast Bronze

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