"Protect" Hand Anointed Candle



Product Details

The hand-rolled "Protect" Spell Candle has been used in many of our own rituals to send protection to another and to protect the user from negativity, This candle can also be used to banish unwanted spirits that might be attached to you or your Sacred Space. This candle has been enchanted with Rosemary, Sandalwood and a Special Blend of Magickal Oils from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery. This candle is wrapped with a mantra from our Personal Book of Shadows. We recite this mantra 3-7 times while burning our candle. Once we have finished, we light the parchment and let it burn to ash in either a cauldron or offering bowl. While this candle burns, imagine the person that the spell in intended for being wrapped in a Gold and White Sphere of light, knowing that your guides are working with you to provide protection. 

Always use caution when burning any candle, making sure you have water and using a safe container to burn your candle and parchment. 

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