Aqua Aura Quartz w/ Freshwater Pearl Pendant



Product Details

This beautiful Aqua Aura Quartz has been placed within a large .925 Silver setting with a filigree design. Placed within the bale of this piece is a Freshwater Pearl. Aqua Aura has always been a favorite of ours and carries with it such beautiful and calming energies. The color and shine resembled in the stone comes from a specific process of bonding vaporized gold to the surface of the Quartz. This stone is a great regulator of the energy that is stored within the body and can provide support during times of emotional confusion. As the Aqua Aura brings you into a calm and still state, your ability to connect with other planes of spiritual existence becomes more attainable. A wonderful stone to sit and meditate with, take the time to connect with its soothing energies. Placed within the bale of this unique pendant sits a Freshwater Pearl, known as the “Beacon of Light” within spiritual communities. In specific, Pearls have a very special connection with Witches and Magicians as they are used to attract protection from other worlds and aid in most healing processes. Within our practice, we commonly work with Freshwater Pearls to bring serenity and balance into our energetic surroundings. Strongly associated with the element of Water, both the Aqua Aura and Freshwater Pearl work together in creating a source of regeneration for you to rely on and work with. We send you energies of Healing and Protection on your path. Affirmation: “I am calm and collected, connected to the flowing and soothing energies of Water. I allow for my energies to be reflected by the Divine Goddess within me.”

Chain sold separately. 

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