The Witches Moon® - Brigid's Flame - January 2020

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As we pass through the Winter Solstice and welcome the Returning Sun, we begin again. We celebrate the light half of the year that starts to unfold and give thanks for the knowledge and information we have received from the darker months. We are more practiced and evolved from our earlier spirits, having more control over the manifestations that we work to bring forth. This is a very sacred time for us, as we dive into the seasons of growth and abundance, working with energies that bring strength and conviction to our intentions. We take full advantage of the fiery and creative aspects of ourselves, tending to the passionate flame that continues to burn. In this very special collection, we work with the energies of Brigid. The power and promise that is included within these items were created and sourced to reignite your creative and uncompromising self as you walk your truest and most intimate path.

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