The Witches Moon® - Entering the Sacred Grove - Druid Edition - June 2023 (Limited)


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As we walk along the forest path, the sounds of rustling leaves and singing birds fill the air. The wind gently animates each branch among the towering oaks, almost as if the giants were letting us know that they were aware of our presence. As we come to the standing stone amidst the grove, we can hear the running water passing through the nearby stream. We have arrived. Where the brilliant sun blesses us, flowing through us to the center of the Earth. Our ritual can now begin.” We are overwhelmingly connected with this very special collection, full of unique and charming tools that were curated to bring you closer to the spirit of nature and the deep wisdom that can be found within the energy that flourishes there. Join us in June, as we walk the Druid Path towards fulfillment and understanding.


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