(LIMITED) The Witches Moon® ~ The Earthen Vessel ~ Celtic Tree Edition ~ May 2023


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Throughout each transition of the year, we find seeds of change. Our lives as we currently know and understand it, is at a constant crossroad, facing never-ending transformation. As practitioners, we embrace this flow and call upon its movement to carry us through to vibrant and purposeful experiences. Through this beautiful craft, we are able to better understand these transitions and work with the natural cycles to bring good into our world and into the world of others. We find connections with everything that surrounds us and come to realize that we are one with all universal energies. In this very exciting collection, we have curated a variety of items that can be practically used for fostering abundant and meaningful energy during these cycles. These items are truly inspired, intentional, and can provide you with a direct link to the great and wonderous Earthly Elements.

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