The Witches Moon® - The Hanged Herb - June 2022


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“As the wind battered on the window as a reminder of everlasting movement and change, the solitude Witch took a deep and soothing breath. The wonders of nature surrounded her house as if to create an embrace, promising fulfillment to any pursuit. Within the comfort of her space, she reached for a delicate bundle of herbs that were hung to dry. She knew exactly their purpose and how their energy would coincide with hers. She finds comfort in this sacred companionship and dives into the abundance of Magic that is provided to her by spirits that surround.” In this extremely exclusive and one-of-a-kind collection, we provide such unique tools to assist you in connecting with all nature that surrounds you. We work with these earthly elements to strengthen our bond and fortify our influence on our current realities. Join us this June as we pursue manifestation through intentional ritual and crafting.

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