The Witches Moon® ~ The Will of a Witch ~ February 2023 (Limited)


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As the comfort of Winter dreams begin to fade, we are faced with our most crucial moment yet. To capture the essence of growth and transformation that is gifted to us during this important season. Just as the Sun continues to grow above the endless skies, our potential for life-changing momentum and change are here for the taking. It is at this time that we are clear about the work that we are doing, filling our purpose with true and potent intention. This is the time for action, for progress, for elevation, for commitment. We focus on fully embracing the endless opportunities that unfold before us during this magickal time of year. In this exclusive and inspired collection, we provide a set of unique tools to foster your personal and powerful will so that your path may be brimming with intentionality and abundantly filled with real manifestation. “I cast my intentions to the Spirit Sea. May the waves of manifestation forever find me!” G Ibis.


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