The Witches Roots™ - Open Pathways - May 2021


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Blind are those that cloud their minds with minuscule and judgmental thoughts, always focusing on those things that never serve them in the best light.” It is so common for us to get overwhelmed by the current realities of our world that we easily forget that our psychic sight is yearning to be used. It is within our ability to trust synchronicities and signs from our guides that allow us to open doors of opportunity that were otherwise nonexistent. In a world where it is so difficult to see beyond our current concerns, we rely on the intuition we have refined through our practice and ritual. We lean on our undeniable gift of connecting with other realms and noticing small hints and gestures. It is so important that we calm the mind, center the physical body and ignite the energy surrounding us so that we can find those doors that would have otherwise been locked and sealed forever.

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