The Witches Roots™ - The Faerie Passage - April 2022


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As Ostara passes, Spring begins to bring fresh and vibrantly new energies to our surroundings. This is not just another Spring, but the newest Spring, full of unbound potential and opportunity. It is so important not to make the mistake of viewing the seasons as a recurring occasion, but rather a one and only experience of unique and wonderful gestures. If you take the time to slow down during your busy days, you might catch a glimpse or a message from the Fae fluttering nearby. As with most practitioners that are connected with the natural elements of this world, you will most likely have potted plants, herb gardens, trees, or small ponds nearby. These pockets of nature hold untold powers of magic, feeding our spirit during our rituals and meditations. In this celebratory collection of Spring, we work within our relationship with the Faerie, offering our gestures for small bits of guidance and companionship. 

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