The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Altar - One Time Purchase

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This beautiful collection of items were created and placed together to honor the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. As you create your altar, embrace the energies of Power, Healing, and Protection.

The items within the collection are as follows:

1. The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Statue - 5" x 5" x 11", Hand Painted, Cold Cast Bronze

2. Pentacle Altar Cloth

3. Large Sekhmet Offering Candle

4. Branched Candle Snuffer

5. Selenite Desert Rose, Moroccan (Natural Specimen: Sizes, Shapes and Colors Vary Slightly)

6. The Sun Incense Sticks (8)

7. Egyptian Themed Colored Glass Incense Holder (Egyptian Themed and may vary slightly)


Please know that this collection may be shipped via USPS or UPS depending on where you are located. 

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