Earth Magic Kit (Mortar & Pestle)

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This unique and beautiful collection includes the following items:

Hand-Carved & Stained Marble Mortar and Pestle

This Marble Mortar and Pestle has been created exclusively for our customers, painstakingly hand-carved and stained.  Carved throughout the rim of this very unique piece are symbols inspired by the Futhark Runes, placed to bring visualization to each Magickal blend you create within its opening.  On each end is carved the Sacred Spiral, a reminder of the continual progression of growth and expansion that is promised through Magickal workings of any kind.  Shaped in the form of an open eye, we bring receptiveness, passion, warmth and creativity into our work.  Please know that this Mortar and Pestle has been created for the purpose of creating Incense Power Blends, Herbal Blends for Candle Dressing and for creating Altar Anointing Oils, it is NOT recommended to be used for any Tea Blends or concoctions that are to be ingested.

Set of Four Herbal Prints

Custom created for The Witches Moon™

Artwork by A. Alden 

5” x 7" Prints (Comes with backboard and clear sleeve)



Passion Flower



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