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Archangel Chamuel

He who sees God

Archeiai/Twin Flame - Charity

Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, Adoration, Compassion, Gratitude, Soulmates, Life Purpose.

3rd Ray - Pink Flame

Opal is a stone of love and gentleness. It brings energies of gentle love and kindness to both romantic relationships and relationships of other kinds.

Pink Tourmaline aids in finding your inner courage and strength. It has the potential to open you to love on many levels.

Rose Quartz is "The Love Stone". It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal unconditional love.

Clear Quartz activates and directs positive energies while dispelling negativity.

Approx Weight: 31g 

Approx Length: 6.5"

Comes with a cloth sheath. 

Stone sizes and colors may differ from the picture.

~ Seeds of Light

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