Custom Order ~ (Aura-Coated Grape Chalcedony Pendant w/Amethyst Inlay)

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This stunning Aura-Coated Grape Chalcedony Pendant has been set into a custom .925 Silver Setting.  A very unique and often rare crystal sits below a filigree bail, Inlayed with Amethyst.  A stone of awakening, Chalcedony opens the mind to assimilate new ideas and aids in the acceptance of new situations.  Chalcedony dissolves illusion, dispels nightmares and wards off psychic attack.   When worn, it protects against political unrest and promotes luck, especially during travel.  Also classified in the ‘Seeker’ category of crystals, the Grape Chalcedony is a fantastic sparkler of new ideas or inspiration, pushing us to finally work on the project we have waiting at the back of our minds.  Allowing us to clear hectic chatter that tends to distract us from our creative purpose, this crystal reroutes our eagerness towards true, honest fulfillment.


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