Awakening Har Spell Candle



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We have hand-crafted this spell candle with the purpose of preparing the practitioner to courageously engage with the challenges and obstacles of life.  The “HAR” mantra is used in classic Kundalini Meditation for Courage, Fearlessness, Strong Aura and Creative Prosperity.  The story has been written that the Guru Gobind Singh and his soldiers chanted this mantra to prepare for and while engaging in battle.  This sacred, but not secret Chant can assist you while working to penetrate the barriers between you and the accomplishments you so eagerly seek to embrace.  Allow HAR to activate the fearless energy that sits within you, so that you may walk forward with strength and conviction at your disposal.  this candle has been enchanted with Clary Sage and Rose Geranium Essential Oils.  We have also included a special mixture of our ‘Awakening’ Oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery.  This candle is accompanied by a spell from our Book of Shadows that we recommend reciting out loud 3 times while burning your candle.


Always use caution when burning any candle, making sure you have water and using a safe container to burn your candle and parchment. 

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