Bastet Statuette (Bronze)



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Although commonly represented with gold and black, this special Bastet brings truly magickal energy, represented within her calm and sturdy gaze. Bastet has been called by many names and associations including Bast, B’sst, Baast, Ubaste, Baset, Ailuros (Ancient Greek), She of the Ointment Jar, Protector of Lower Egypt, Eye of the Moon, Goddess of the Rising Sun as well as her double aspect, called upon as The Lady of Dread and The Lady of the Slaughter. It was said that at one point, Bastet and Sekhmet were characterized as being the same Goddess. This powerful and revered goddess represented the fierce nature of Sekhmet, representing the cunning and warrior likeability to reign victorious in battle as well as the loving protectress represented as Bastet. Through most of Ancient Egyptian history, Bastet was represented as the lioness, commonly depicted as a beautiful woman with the head of a lion. During these earlier periods, she was associated with the Sun and was feared as a great warrior. In later times, Bastet became more commonly recognized as the cat goddess that brought great protection to those that were in need. The cult of Bastet or “religious sect” was found within the city of Bubastis, holding within its walls a variety of wonderfully crafted shrines and stone representations of Bastet, bordered with great trees that reached into the heavens. To further verify how extremely sacred the feline goddess was in Ancient Egypt, there were over 300,000 mummified cats buried within the land on which the Temple of Bastet sat. Bastet has always been very involved within our sacred spaces and practices. Along with the calming and protective energies we receive from her, she personifies grace, affection, playfulness, joy, and cunning. Her protection resonates with that of a fierce lioness, looking over her children and always aware of any danger that may be creeping nearby. Although Bastet carries the essence of a protective mother, she has the heart of a vicious predator. As with most deities from Ancient Egypt, she was said to assist the dead in finding their way to the afterlife, unharmed by wandering demons and dark entities that may have other intentions. In addition to placing Bastet on an altar, we recommend adorning her with symbols of the Ankh or Eye of Ra. Other offerings that can be made to Bastet include but are not limited to, fragrant perfumes and oils, the burning of incense, attractive herbs, and the burning of resins such as Frankincense & Myrrh. Another way to celebrate Bastet is to bask in the Sun on a beautiful day. As she is associated with the Sun, allow these warm rays to bestow energy of brightness and opportunity into your aura. As you work with Bastet going into 2021, allow her energies to protect and guide you on your path. Know that these energies are authentic and should be held sacred.
Made of cold cast resin. Hand-painted.
L: 5.25" x W: 3" x H: 8.5"

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