‘Before I Begin’ Print w/ Candle Spell



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Before I Begin Incantation Book of Shadows Artwork - To accompany your Intuition Awaits Spell Candle, we have included the corresponding incantation artwork for you to display on your altar or use before you begin your readings or divinatory practices. The Sigil you will find behind these words come from the following incantation: “I call upon the tarot to bring wisdom and guidance.”. Written by G. Ibis. Illustrated by A. E. Alden
Hand-Rolled, Dressed, and Anointed ‘Intuition Awaits’ Spell Candle - We have hand-rolled and anointed this candle with the intention of enhancing your intuition during your Tarot readings. This candle is meant to bolster your psychic energy, allowing you to focus on your intentions. Before you begin, work to create the energy that you intend to surround yourself with during ritual. This can include cleaning, cleansing, and “setting the tone” for the reading or meditation. We always recommend being comfortable within your space so that you may speak words clearly out loud. This candle has been enchanted with Jasmine, Chamomile, Lavender, and Almond oils, as well as rolled in Jasmine Buds. (Always use caution when burning incense and candles. Candles with herbs on the outside burn brighter and stronger and must be watched at all times.)

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