Black Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant w/Garnet

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This custom crafted Black Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant has been placed into a one-of-a-kind .925 Silver Bale.  Set into this beautiful bale, lies a gentle Garnet.  The Arrowhead has been used as far back as the ancient Stone Age as one of the most important tools for survival.. The concept of the arrowhead was passsed through generations of people as a source of obtaining what is needed to live a more prosperous life.  Representing Earth, the Black Obsidian comes to a point at the tip of the Arrowhead, it brings to us the highest of Spiritual Focus during times of perceived chaos and confusion.  Its energies force us to be sharp and attentive to the solutions that are placed just past our fears and anxieties.  We have placed a gentle Garnet into the bale of this pendant to bring forth the results of your efforts.  The Garnet, also an earthly stone, is the bringer of manifestation, followed by creative imagination and intention.  Also, a wonderful stone for healing and light, the Garnet reminds us of the gentle power that resides in a heart that weighs the same as that of a feather.  As you place this pendant around your neck, embrace the power of clarity that washed over your vision.  Know that today is a day of focus, action and persistence.  Bask in the light of purpose and conviction so that you may be a Warrior, standing tall and triumphant.

Affirmation:  “I am a warrior.  I stand grounded and focused, knowing that my actions and intentions are the mechanism for true purpose surrounding my life.”

2.5” Length

.35 oz

Chain sold separatley

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