Black Star Diopside Pendant



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Black Star Diopside Pendant This awe-inspiring pendant has been cast into a one-of-a-kind mould using .925 Silver. As you connect with the energies of this unique crystal, you will begin to feel any ‘moodiness’ slowly disconnect from your higher self. Among many cultures, this stone was known as ‘The Crying Stone’ as it has been said to cleanse the soul of unwanted, overwhelming stagnant emotions. The name ‘Diopside’ comes from the words ‘Two Vision’, making this stone the creator of Second Sight. As you allow the energy of the Black Star Diopside to drain unwanted emotions, focus on calibrating your psychic sight through a new lens of fearlessness, determination, life-power and love. This stone will re-energize the body, mind and soul. While under light, you will be able to see the 4-pointed star, making this stone a unique addition to your collection. On the back of this pendant, we have had the symbol of the Phoenix Guardian Spirit cast from the Silver. This very powerful symbol has had a prominent position in the hierarchy of Spiritual Guardians in many cultures and religions. Bringing strength, power and protection to the wearer, the Phoenix promises the fiery rise of rebirth from the ashes. The ashes that remain are that of negativity and bad habits that have been cast from the purity of your spiritual body. As you come face to face with challenges and obstacles, allow the energy of this Black Star Diopside Pendant to catapult you through. Allow the reminder of strength and conviction to bring true prosperity into your life. Affirmation: “I rise above the challenges that I face and become renewed by the beautiful experience of life. I am protected on my virtuous path.”

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