Black Tourmaline w/ Meteorite Silver Crescent Moon Pendant (.925 Silver)



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We are so thrilled to showcase one of our favorite pendants within this collection, crafted with Silver, Black Tourmaline, and a small piece of the universe, the Campo del Cielo Meteorite. As one of the most prominent psychic protectors, Black Tourmaline has a long history of magical and practical uses in the history of Witchcraft. Black Tourmaline is known as a purifier, able to cleanse the auric field while grounding us to familiar earthly elements. The Campo de Cielo Meteorite is a very specific Meteorite found within the Chaco and Santiago del Estero provinces of Argentina. The craters found at this location are estimated to be 5,000 years old, and are the source of this very iron Meteorite. Campo de Cielo translates into “The Field of Heaven” and directly describes the 26 large craters that were once impacted by fragments of the cosmos. The size of the original main body has been calculated to be almost 13ft in diameter, before breaking off into smaller pieces as it entered Earth’s atmosphere. Meteorites have been commonly known to have an extraterrestrial connection and to carry with it otherworldly supernatural powers. These beautiful and mesmerizing Meteorites have also been known as vajra stones by the Tibetans, as they were said to carry the power of creation and invention. As the roots of the Meteorites are found within the Heavens, these stones carry with them transformative properties. Much like Moldavite, Meteorite can be a stone that has a very unique effect on each individual person. One can feel as if there is a transformation happening without a sense of direction. Others, if used properly, can latch to the grounding essence of Meteorite and control the flow of transformation towards their desired outcome. We would recommend meditating with this stone before using so that you can examine the emotional response you might show to this type of power source. The Meteorite has the wonderful quality of activating our spiritual response and psychic eye in our current realities. This can be a very active tool when working through self-transformation and rituals inspired by growth and movement. This pendant has been crafted into the shape of a crescent moon, representing new growth, hope, influence, and the coming of change. As you step into the light and growth of the returning Sun, allow this pendant to protect you and carry you through to the manifestation of your dreams.

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