Carved Phosphosiderite Scarab Pendant



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Carved Phosphosiderite Scarab Pendant w/ Citrine & Amethyst (.925 Silver) - The Scarab, found within the rich history and craftsmanship of Ancient Egypt was used as a popular amulet and often contained important information. The small and delicate amulets were often included within jewelry or carved with a seal for administrative purposes. By the early Middle Kingdom (2000 BCE), the “Heart Scarab” was used to accompany mummies as a source of divine protection. The Egyptian God Khepri and Ra as the Sun God or the Star Sirius represented the idea of rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection as these gods pushed the Sun/Star across the sky, corresponding with the Scarab, or dung beetle, who rolls the dung across the desert floors. Just as the promise of the Sun rising again in the morning is a concrete fact, so is the renewed hope that is found fresh each day, promising us the idea of potential and creation. This sacred cycle of life represents our truest nature and must not be ignored. As we acknowledge that growth, transformation, and manifestation all come from this cycle of death and rebirth, we begin to catapult our ability to step up to the occasion with confidence and a sense of personal power. As the body of the Scarab, we chose to use Phosphosiderite, a rare mineral commonly cut into the shape of a cabochon. Known as the “Torch Bearer”, Phosphosiderite carries within its essence such assertive and bold energies. This very special stone helps us to stay focused on our goals and gives us the ability and stamina to follow through to completion. In addition to bolstering our confidence, Phosphosiderite allows us to connect to higher levels of thinking and understanding, as well as stimulating great visions and perceptions of what can be possible in our world. This wonderful stone shines light into the “problems” that may stand in our way or hinder our growth. You will find on the back of this Scarab a hand-carved Ankh, representing the regenerative process of everlasting life. Held above the Scarab, representing the Sun or Star, is Citrine. One of our favorite stones, Citrine carries the true essence of creativity and personal will. Citrine brings clarity to our thoughts and ideas and allows us to push our products into manifestation. Assisting us in overcoming challenges on our journey, Citrine fills us with inspired action and the urge to push through. Beneath the Scarab, you will find 2 Amethyst Stones, commonly found in royal jewelry throughout Ancient Egypt. This beautiful stone connects us with the source of the Divine and provides us with subtle energies of protection and purification. As you wear this very special pendant, visualize yourself overwhelmed with new energies, new hope, and new possibilities. Just as the Scarab pushes the Sun across the sky, may your journey find realization at the end of each new day.

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