Clearing Spell Kit



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This Clearing Spell Kit includes the following:  

Spiny Oyster Shell:

Sourced from beneath the ocean’s floor, off the water of South America.  Shells carry with them the ability to present clarity in our thought and emotions, giving us direction.  The Spiny Oyster Shell is used to bring Patience and Understanding into our mental and emotional state aiding during clearing rituals.  The open shape allows you to place your Rosemary Sage Bundle within the opening upon completing your clearing or to keep underneath your bundle while burning in your Sacred Space.  While your Sage or Cleansing bundle rests upon this shell, any unwanted or chaotic energy that remains will be wiped clean.

Hand-Carved Tripod Pedestal:

This Large Hand-Carved Tripod Pedestal is included to accompany your Spiny Oyster Shell and adds to the natural energy that is created during your Clearing Rituals.  

Rosemary Sage Bundle:

A Rosemary Sage Bundle is a very prominent herb in the Craft, Rosemary carries with it a long list of beneficial effects and uses.  Native to the Mediterranean, the beautiful Rosemary has built a reputation to be respected.  Burn the Rosemary Sage Bundle to bring Protection and Clarity into your space.  This ritual is not only for pre-practice but can be done throughout your day, when you feel called to do so.

Cleansing Mantra Artwork:

Place this inspiring Mantra within your Book of Shadows so that you may refer back to its Wisdom when needed.  Artwork by A. Alden

(Sizes and Shapes vary slightly)


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