Magick Wand - Archangel Raphael/The Medicine of God

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Magick Hand Crafted Wand - Archangel Raphael/The Medicine of God

The magick wand is a wonderful ritual tool. Wands are used to shape and direct energy, acting as a powerful focus for creating magical space, or working to make your will manifest. Wands can be a powerful energy conductor.Consecrate your wand by passing it through the smoke of incense.  Truth, Healing of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit, Science, Inspiration, material needs (food, shelter etc.), Alternative and Traditional Medicine. 5th ray - Green Flame

Archeiai/Twin Flame Stones:  

Aventurine:  The healer's stone.  Aventurine calms a distraught heart and has a stabilizing effect.

Emerald:  Stone of great harmony, wisdom and love.  Emerald gives knowingness of heart, peaceful dreams, and to transmit balance, healing & patience.

Prehnite:  Stone of unconditional love.  It is said to connect to the archangel Raphael.  Prehnite enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to divine energy.

6" H

Weight: 37.03 g

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