Magick Wand Pendant - Archangel Gabriel (God's Messenger)



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Magick Hand Crafted Wand Pendant - Archangel Gabriel, God's Messenger, Archeiai/Twin Flame - Hope

The magick wand pendant is beautifully hand crafted. Wands are used to shape and direct energy, acting as a powerful focus for creating magical space, or working to make your will manifest. This wand pendant can be a powerful energy conductor when worn.

Purity, Ascension, harmony, spiritual guidance, happiness, joy, revealing your life purpose

4th Ray - White Flame

Pearl:  Brings purity and promotes faith, charity and integrity, truth and loyalty

Moonstone:  Enhances intuition promotes inspiration and brings success in love as well as business matters.  Moonstone symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.


2.5" H

Weight: 8 oz

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