Crescent Moon Ammolite Pendant



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Considered an “organic gemstone”, Ammolite is a mineral that has been created through the fossilization process of the Ammonite and is commonly found along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. You may be familiar with the very distinct shape and characteristics of the Ammonite, portraying an almost ram horn texture and look, curling into the spiral form. The name “Ammonite” originated and was inspired by the horns of Ammon, the Egyptian God, who was typically depicted wearing ram’s horns. The Ammonite’s were once marine mollusks that all but vanished during the previous extinction, about 66 million years ago. The Ammolite that you see within this pendant are thin, iridescent layers that were attached to the Ammonite fossils. Revered by both the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans, Ammolite became a symbol of almost any deity that portrayed curved horns in its image. Also sacred within Ethiopia. Ammolite was said to carry deep meditative powers that would allow one to have prophetic dreams and visions. The original spiral form that this Ammolite carries within it the deep wisdom of universal evolution, the Goddess, the womb, and the feminine serpent force. The spiral is a path towards continual change and transformation, reminding us there is always new information and understanding to be found on the next page and chapter of our journey. Ammolite is considered to be one of the “luckiest” stones, radiating Earth energies and bringing prosperity to all those that are near to it. Associated with all elements, this vibrant and colorful stone has the ability to work through our emotional scars and traumas, allowing us to understand where they came from, why they are there and how they are important to our path. These energies can have a deep effect on those that wear this stone or meditate with it during ritual. Also known as the “Seven Color Prosperity Stone”, the Ammolite is said to hold the seven colors of the rainbow, bringing the bearer wisdom, wealth, and continual growth. As you work with this very special pendant and carry it with you throughout your days, allow its ancient and spectacular energies to guide and comfort you towards a universal understanding of all things so that you may continue to grow and see the beauty in all things. Planetary Association: Earth, Jupiter. Elemental Association: All. Energetic Qualities: Receptive, Comforting.
Total Weight: 4.63g

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