Elder Futhark Runes with Velvet Pouch



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Futhark Runes w/ Velvet Pouch We have put together a Set of Runes with a large Velvet Pouch for sacred storage. These Elder Futhark Runes have been burned into the Poplar Wood, known for its qualities of Abundance, Independence and Resilience. As a divination tool, ‘Rune’ means mystery, whisper or secret. Runes have been used by the ancients as the form of Oracle in strenuous situations in need of guided counsel. These specific runes are the ‘Elder Futhark” Runes which are known as the Germanic Rune alphabet. This set includes 24 Runes, the first six of which spell out the word ‘Futhark’. The additional blank rune has been used in more modern times as meaning ‘Fate’. We like to relate Runes to Tarot, as there is a journey behind the mastery of knowledge connected to these tools. Be patient with yourself while you are learning, keeping your mind open to messages that are meant for you. We recommend obtaining a cloth that is designated for your Runes. We believe a white cloth is best for casting. As in Tarot, it is important to cleanse your Runes by the smoke of Incense or Sage so that your energy meshes well with your reading. Be sure to be clear of mind and prepare a sacred area for your practice with Rune Casting. There are many spreads for Runes that you are able to use. We will provide the explanation for a simple Three Rune Layout. As you place your hand in your velvet pouch and feel the wood against your skin, ask your question or focus on the situation you seek guidance for. Choose three Runes from your bag. Rune one, should be on the right, Rune two in the middle and Rune three on the left side. (In the order 3,2,1). Rune 1 represents the overview, or situation or query. Rune 2, in the middle, represents the challenge. Rune 3 represents a possible course of action that can be taken.  As you begin or continue your journey with Runes we urge that you seek knowledge through Books and References. Include Runes into your meditations and Rituals and allow the Guidance that comes from the Ancient Within to empower you on your path.

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