Elen of the Ways - Antlered Goddess

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Elen of the ways, the antlered goddess, also known as the Green lady, Elen of the shimmering ways, Elen of the Leys or Elen of the Hosts. This female pagan deity is unique in that she is the only horned goddess, wearing the antlers of the female reindeer, in turn the only deer whose females are antlered.  Elen is the guardian of the leys, the ancient track ways . Her earliest tracks were the migratory paths of the reindeer, some of which are now under the sea, like the trails of Doggerland, and here is the close association with them.  She is seen by many as a female equivalent of the Green man  and Cernunnos,  or a consort to Herne the hunter.  

10.75" H

Cold Cast Bronze

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