Exclusive Handmade Herb Rocker



Product Details

The Mezzaluna, meaning “half-moon” in Italian, is considered a knife, most commonly found with a curved blade to be rocked back and forth on a cutting board to cut herbs. This tool is an integral part of the Witch’s Cabinet and can often become a daily tool for ritual work and herbal preparation. This can include the cutting of herbs, flowers, and roots for ritual preparation including but not limited to creating tinctures, oils, or herbal blends. During this time of year, where we reflect and bask in the blessings of our harvest, or fruits of our labor, the Herb Rocker becomes a powerful symbol. This herb rocker has been exclusively created for the subscribers of this collection, intended to be introduced during this very season. You will find a floral pattern engraved upon the blade of this rocker, as well as the detail of a leaf as a place to rest your thumb when using. Please know that the edge of this blade can be sharp and is not intended to be left out. Made of both Brass and Iron, we would kindly recommend keeping the blade oiled when possible, using simple mineral or linseed oil to prevent tarnishing. Also, we recommend cleaning with a dry cloth, without the use of water or soap. When not in use, place this herb rocker back within the custom box that was created for this very purpose.

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