Hand-carved Fossil Palm Wood/Root Owl Pendant (.925 Silver)



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From being represented as the Omen of Death, to the Keeper of the Mysteries, the Owl has long been recognized as an important symbol in magical practices from all around the world. The importance of the owl can be found within African, Asian, Sumerian, European, Hindu, Native American, and Western cultures and covers a wide variety of meanings. In ancient Greece, Athena was associated with the Owl and was considered the Goddess of Wisdom. In Sumerian, Babylonian, and Akkadian cultures, Owls were associated with Lilith. In Hinduism, the owl represents the Vahana of the Goddess Lakshmi and is considered a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, and good luck. In addition, the owl has been considered by many cultures to be the messengers of the dead, or spirits, and was said to be harbingers of dark powers and mysteries. In Witchcraft, the Owl represents an old soul and is said to be the keeper of ancient wisdom as well as representing the gatekeeper of the Akashic realm. Sitting in complete silence, the Owl positions itself to have a field of view among its victims. One of the most prominent characteristics of the Owl is in its ability to observe and understand its environment. It is said that this is the very reason why the Owl can access the mysteries. Being a nocturnal animal, the Owl can see clearly in the dark and is said to have the ability to see past the veil of illusion and deception placed over us by manmade perceptions. It is within this exploration of the unknown that the Owl can capture messages from spirits that are calling from the other side. As we work with and resonate with the energies of the Owl, we step into the realm of the hidden, or Occult. It is within these moments that we can see more clearly and understand more deeply the purposes that surround us. We have decided to use Fossilized Palm Wood, or Root, in the carving of this Owl. This very unique Root is the result of great pressure that has fossilized the Indonesian Palm over millions of years. It is said that just a small piece of the Fossilized Palm Root is considered to have timeless wisdom and knowledge captured within. It is within the sacred nature of this specimen that we can find grounding and balancing energies, able to assist us in dissolving fears and anxieties so that we may visualize our intentions more clearly. As you work with the Spirit of the Owl, take the time to connect with its wonderful attributes. Work to understand how you can replicate these characteristics during times of divination and spirit seeking. Celestial Association: Moon. Elemental Association: Water, Air, Earth.
Approx Length: 2"
Chain sold separately.

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