Hand-Crafted Black Mirror Frame w/Obsidian Scrying Disk & Artwork

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This Hand-Crafted Black Mirror Frame was created with the intention of enhancing the sacred energy that surrounds your Scrying Rituals.  This Frame has been embellished with the planetary symbol of Mercury, to bring the flow of communication and intellect to your session.  Also included on this Frame is the planetary symbol of Jupiter, to guide you towards obtaining further Knowledge on your journey between Realms.  An opening has been created within the middle of the Eye to place your Obsidian Disk.  The representation of the Eye resonates deeply within our Spiritual Practices as it represents perception through Psychic Sight.

Black Mirror Frame

Black Obsidian Disk

Black Mirror Scrying Artwork

Stand (This can be attached to the back of your frame, please be careful not to bend this while connected the the frame)

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