Hand-Crafted Divination/Pendulum Board



Product Details

This hand-crafted Pendulum Board was created exclusively for the subscribers of The Witches Moon.  We designed this board with the intention of providing the ground work needed to pursue a session with the Divine, allowing your Spirit Guides and companions to have the opportunity to communicate and assist you.  We have placed the Eye upon the center of this Pendulum board to bring about the essence of Knowledge.  As one of the most powerful symbols known to many cultures, the Eye is a representation of Wisdom, Protection, Secrecy and Mystery.  As you place the board amidst your sacred space, allow your inner mind to open widely, free of minuscule distractions and preconceived determinations.  Be willing to absorb signs and signals to guide you through.

(Pendulum Sold Separately)

Approximate Dimensions:  6.75” x 6.75”

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