Handmade Raven Talisman



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To assist in bringing you messages during this time, we have included our handmade Raven Talisman. The Raven has been associated with magick, mystery, and death for centuries. Ravens are intelligent birds, and their dark plumage and eerie calls have long made them the subject of superstition and folklore. Ravens are said to be able to shape-shift, and they are often associated with the Otherworld in Celtic mythology. In Norse mythology, Odin’s familiars were two ravens named Hugin and Munin, who represented thought and memory. Ravens are also connected to the undead in many cultures; in some Native American traditions, ravens are said to be the souls of the dead, while in others they are seen as guides to the spirit world. The Raven’s black feathers can be used in magic and ritual to invoke communication with the dead, or to promote shape-shifting and mysticism. Raven feathers are also said to offer protection from evil spirits. You will find a small attachment on the back of this talisman that will allow you to hang this Raven near or above your Samhain or Ancestorial Altar. As you perform your personal rituals during this time, visualize the spirit of the Raven opening the pathway for communication. Even when Samhain has passed, this Raven is a wonderful talisman to keep hung in a dedicated honoring area of your sacred space.

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