Healing Light Spell Kit



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This spell kit includes the following magickal items:

Healing Light Candle - This candle has been anointed with Magickal Oils and Herbs to enhance the Healing energy during your spell or meditation. We have included a spell from our personal Book of Shadows that has been a powerful addition to our craft. While burning the Healing Light Candle, write down the things that you feel will personally heal you. Recite these things 3 times over ending your meditation with “So Mote It Be”. As you burn your parchment, envision these things being applied to your life. The smoke of the ash will carry these energies into the universe.

Raw Amethyst Point - Amethyst’s emotional aspects help to identify the root cause behind behaviors, habits and emotional patterns which can create imbalance. In the spiritual aspect, Amethyst facilitates meditation, engenders communion and communication with one’s Spiritual Guides and Angels. This stone opens and clears the Third Eye Crown Chakra, which in turn accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Use the Amethyst’s energy in your ritual to carry you into deep meditation, allowing your mind to become open and clear.

Healing Sigil - During your ritual, focus your energy on this sigil. This sigil is a copy of an original hand-painted piece from our Book of Shadows. It holds the power to heal within the design. Keep doubt void from your thoughts, only focusing on your clear intentions. Be sure that you are using your sigil the right side up. Please reference the back of the sigil to determine the top.  

Loose Cedar Sage - Used to cleanse your area before beginning your spell work. 

Stress Relief Incense - Burn this incense while taking a Bath and while performing your ritual. Take in the fragrance and the feeling that follows. Relax.

Blessings Magickal Annointing Oil:  Use this oil to foster Healing, Self-Love, Blessings, Peace and helping your wishes come to fruition.  External Use Only



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