Honoring of the Ancestors Spell Kit

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Placed inside this brown drawstring bag are the items used for the Honoring of the Ancestors Spell, to be cast within your Circle of Magick.  The Magickal items are as follows:

Candle with Hand Painted ‘Othila’ Rune -  This hand-rolled candle has been made with the intention of lighting the way for your Ancestral Spirits to visit and connect.  The Othila Rune is to personify the true meaning of heart, Inheritance and Family.  Left without herb or oil, this candle can be dressed with the Oils that have a sacred meaning to your personal journey and intention.  

Palo Santo ‘Holy Wood’ - To accompany your candle a twined stick of Palo Santo for healing and spiritual properties of energy and growth.  As you light your stick allow the beautiful aroma to fill your space, allow the smoke to carry you away, notice your ability to deepen your spiritual connection becoming stronger, and allowing you to amplify the connection to your Ancestors and Spirit Guides.

Double Happiness Honoring Tea - As you steep this wonderful Flowering Tea, take time to meditate and connect with the energies of loved ones who have passed.

’Mum’ Flower - Chrysantemum or ‘Mum’ Flowers have been used in Protection spells and sachets for many ages. Mum is a perfect addition to your Ancestral Altar.  As you perform your spell work within your Circle of Magick, sprinkle Mum on each corner to protect from unwanted spirits and visitors.


A spell to honor the Ancestors Artwork - 

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