Large Magick Wand - Attraction

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Ask, Believe, Receive (The Law of Attraction)


The law of attraction works when we first ask the Universe for what we want. We must have faith and believe that we are deserving of our desire knowing that we are worthy of the request. We now must be open and receptive for our desires to manifest. 

Aquamarine and Amethyst open the connection to the Universe through divine guidance and intuition, allowing us to ask for and receive information. Emerald heals the heart and clears the emotional body. We are now ready to create pure intention allowing us to believe that we are deserving of our request. Pearl promotes purity of mind, body, and spirit; opening divine connection of highest good for all enabling us to receive our gifts with gratitude. Clear Quartz activates and directs positive energies while dispelling negativity.  

~ Seeds of Light

Approx Length: 12"

Approx Weight: 0.8lb

Comes with a sheath. 


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