(Limited Edition) Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards w/ Hardcover Guidebook



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Created by Haukur Halldórsson with his daughter Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir, the Yggdrasil Divination Deck has become a wonderful staple in Icelandic artistry, known for adhering to heathenry, or Asatru, as viewed by the Icelandic Asatru community. Halldórsson is one of the original members active in reviving the traditional Nordic mythology of Iceland in the 70’s and has devoted his art to Nordic and Northern European mythologies and folklore. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the publisher of this deck to bring you a limited-edition hardcover guidebook accompanying the divination cards. As you open the cover to this guidebook, you will find our intention listed in print. As stated within the introduction of this book, “Yggdrasil is the ash tree of life. In and around it, the nine worlds rest. All the worlds are interrelated by the branches and roots of the great tree, and creatures that live in Yggdrasil travel freely around the tree and between worlds, either gnawing at it or giving it dynamism. The Yggdrasil can be read as a symbol for the framework of human development, from the proto to the progressive.” A general description for using these cards goes as follows: “The cards of the Yggdrasil deck don’t have a conventional higher and lower arena like reading cards often have, although some cards are more significant than others, depending on their status. The deck contains nine sets of nine cards each: nine entities in each of the nine worlds. They are numbered in the book; the ones numbered one to four can be considered more potent than the ones numbered five to nine, although each card has its own worth. Please keep in mind that there are few elements in the spread of Yggdrasil that can influence each individual card.” You will find a diagram of the “Spread of the Yggdrasil Tree” within the introduction of this guidebook that we urge you to use when working with these cards. As you work with these cards and begin to learn and understand more about the characters involved, you will begin to find correspondences that touch deeply on the personal plane. As with any divinatory system, we urge you to take your time, allowing yourself the opportunity to resonate with the wonderful images and messages. You may be surprised by the glimpses of insight you may obtain. May this custom book and cards be a continual companion on your path into magickal worlds.

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