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We are thrilled to finally release this exclusive pendant, containing the powerful and mystical Star Sapphire. This stone has been collected over the course of many, many months and has been handpicked for its glimmer and appearance. The shimmering star that can be seen within this stone is known as the asterism and is associated with many legends regarding travelers and seekers, known to bestow upon them the strength, protection, luck, and good fortune of the Gods & Goddesses. “Star Sapphires focus and reflect spiritual energies in the same way they respond to light. They remind us that the Star of our hearts’ yearning is latent within us and that every outer manifestation we treasure is a reflection of the Light of our own essence. Because these stones are less transparent than other Sapphires, the energies of Star Sapphires are denser and more grounded in the physical world, even though they are also more intense.” - Robert Simmons. The energies of the Star Sapphire enhance our ability to access Divine Knowledge, bringing to the surface our internal wisdom. It is said that the “Star” that is trapped within this stone can connect us with the stars above, offering us guidance when we feel lost, confused, or uninspired. This Star Sapphire also contains the properties of intuition and can enhance your ability to see into the unseen worlds. You will find this stone set into the center of a beautiful silver Triquetra. The Triquetra has been a symbol dating back to as early as 500BCE and was used by many cultures to represent the power of threes. The most common representation of the Triquetra comes from the Celts, Wiccans and Neopagans. The three-form design symbolizes, among many other representations, the Maiden, Mother and Crone. As well as the wisdom of the Triple Goddess, the Triquetra also resonates with Life, Death and Rebirth. These qualities correspond with the sacred cycle of Life. In the bale of this pendant, you will find a faceted White Topaz, known for encouraging mental clarity & enhancing the ability to manifest beyond the limitations we often set for ourselves. White Topaz also aids in self-realization in order to confront hard truths which hinder our potential. As you work with this sacred talisman to call upon the wisdom of the star within, and the cycles of nature, allow yourself to connect with the sacred truths that rest inside of you. May this pendant help guide you towards beauty and purpose on your path ahead. (Please know that this pendant has been placed in plastic to prevent tarnishing, as it makes its way to you.)
.925 Silver
Chain sold separately. 

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