Magma Chalcedony & Rainbow Moonstone Triple Moon Pendant (.925)

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This very exclusive piece was designed by The Witches Moon. As one of the most recognizable symbols in Witchcraft, the Triple Moon provides practitioners with a sense of support and holds divine feminine wisdom within its teachings. This representation of triple energies works hand in hand with the movement and cycles of the ocean. An extremely empathetic symbol, the Triple Moon is commonly associated with the qualities of intuition, connection, and cycle. These cycles consist of the Maiden, representing youth, creativity, and openness. The Mother, representing fertility, patience, understanding, and power. The Crone, as one of the more powerful aspects, represents knowledge, wisdom, and acceptance. These divine feminine qualities remind us to call upon our personal power and intuition to overcome and accomplish important tasks.  Found within the centerpiece is Magma Chalcedony.  You will find within the waxing and waning moons, Rainbow Moonstone.  As you work with this combination of natural elements and powerful symbology, allow yourself the time to resonate with where you are in the cycle of life. Call upon these powerful feminine energies to guide and nurture your progress. May the coming months be filled with healing and transformative experiences. Affirmation: “I free myself from unnecessary burdens and fully embrace my ability to step into my personal power. So Mote It Be.”
Chain sold separately. 

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