Medusa Magickal Anointing Oil



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Medusa Magickal Anointing Oil - This very powerful Medusa Anointing Oil was created with the intention of providing protection and safety to you during times of uncertainty. This oil can work specifically towards protecting you from psychic attacks and intruders. As you use this oil, be sure that your intentions are clear. We will often recite short intentional mantras as we use these oils to anoint our skin or magical tools. We have enchanted this magical anointing oil with Ylang Ylang, Anise, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Cedarwood oils and have included the herbs of Lavender, Patchouli, and Dandelion as well. Inside your oil, you will find a Lemurian Quartz, said to personify oneness into your aura. We have also included a special mixture of our ‘Protectress’ magickal oil from our personal cabinet of witchery into the making of this oil. (Be careful when applying to skin. The base of this oil is Sunflower Oil. Some might be more sensitive than others when in contact with skin. External Use Only)

15 ML Bottle

Made To Order 

External Use Only

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