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Moldavite .925 Silver Pendant - This extremely high-vibrational stone has been cast into a one-of-a-kind .925 Silver prong setting. Moldavite is said to be created by the remnants of a large Meteorite that struck the Earth in Czechoslovakia. The extreme heat from this impact blessed us with Moldavite, or also known as the ‘Mystical Stone’ or ‘The Holy Grail Stone’. This ‘life changer’ stone is more powerful than most anticipate, permeating an Extraterrestrial energy that can be felt by the lightest touch. Moldavite is a vibrant conductor of change and transformation and needs to be introduced slowly into your energy. The amount of energy in this stone can very easily make fast vibrational shifts in your energy. As you wear this wondrous stone, become comfortable with its energies, getting more familiar with its essence. Allow Moldavite to give you the push needed to move through obstacles and find creative solutions to any challenge. As a great companion, Moldavite will separate you from the fixed ideas and outworn belief systems that have held you down from previous experiences, allowing you to be reborn, time and time again. Crystal System: Nanocrystalline Meteorite, Chemistry: Extraterrestrial, Chakra: All, Zodiac: All, especially Scorpio, Magickal Properties: Compassion, Security, Empathy, Emotional Trauma, Conducting Energy Shifts.

Sizes and Shapes vary slightly per pendant

Chain Sold Separately

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