(One-Time Purchase) The Witches Moon® - November 2018 - Mystic Scribe

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$45 plus $9 shipping within the United States. One Time Purchase. 

The Witches Moon provides the supplies necessary to practice your craft. We pride ourselves on matching the perfect tools to ensure that you are able to manifest your desires, magnify your intention, and master the powers within.

The Witches Moon Subscribers will receive a pagan inspired box each month. The Witches Moon will include carefully picked and handcrafted materials that correlate with the distinct powers of each full moon to amplify your ritual's impact. Years of research, practice and respect for this craft have gone into the making of these magickal items. Just some of the items that you might find in The Witches Moon are handmade candles, beautiful crystals, herbs, talismans, incense, alter tools and much more! We have provided guidance through the scrolls that are provided in each box and leave you with a blank scroll to chart your own intention. A successful ritual is needed for your spiritual and intellectual growth. Our goal is to deliver the most qualified and effective tools for you to achieve this. So mote it be! 

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