Serenity Ritual Aura Spray



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We have created this Magickal Elixir with the intention of forming a Calm and Knowing Energy, suitable for times of needed focus and clarity.  As we work to create the setting in which we perform Spells and Meditations, we work on maintaining a soothing and sure mindset.  As you lightly spray the Serenity Ritual Aura Spray around your energetic body, visualize your worries and anxieties easily floating away as if unbothered.  We have enchanted this Magickal Aura Spray with White Tea, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Ginger Oils.  Included is a special mixture of our Stillness Magickal Oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery. (Lightly Mist at least 2 ft away from the body)

2 Ounces

Made to order

External Use Only

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