Silver Wolf Head w/ Carved Fossil Palm Wood Wings Pendant (.925 Silver)



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This extremely special pendant has been hand-carved and set into a custom .925 Silver setting exclusively for this very collection. This fossilized Palm Wood dates back 20-40 million years ago, made from the Palm Trees that once stood in the Oligocene Epoch. Known for its ability to bring movement to most situations, Palm Wood breaks through static energies. As the energy from this piece brings fluidity to the energy that surrounds us, it allows natural balance to take place. Another wonderful attribute of Fossilized Palm Wood is its ability to push our perception of time to the side, allowing us to connect to the purer essence of “forever”. This wisdom allows us to connect to the things that we are currently focused on, not allowing our spiritual minds to be overcome with moments of chaos or hectic emotion. Throughout many cultures and traditions, the Wolf has represented strength and the warrior spirit. In addition, the Wolf represents the trust we have in ourselves, or ability, and our instinct. There is always one thing that is certain in most situations, and that is that there is nothing certain about what may happen. It is within our instinct that we find our transcendental compass and guideway. Just as the wolf relies on its sense of surrounding and natural instinct, we rely upon our refined perception, aptitude, and guiding spirits, to gently maneuver us through life’s most difficult challenges. In addition to providing us with a sense of confidence in self, the Wolf emanates a sense of adventure and promotes a state of fluidity. Within this state, we are able to grasp creative concepts, create new ideas, and follow inspiring inclinations. These attributes are well applied in collaboration with others, feeding off of a communal vision. Beneath the Wolf’s Head, you will find Carved Fossil Palm Wood Wings, representing movement, freedom, and surety of progress. Allow this symbol of purity to protect your instincts and provide support on the adventure ahead. Please know that Carved Fossil Palm Wood is very delicate and should be handled with care.
Chain sold separately. 

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