Handmade Sage Doll w/ Artwork



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This beautiful Protector has been hand-made from BLUE Sage, ethically sourced from a reputable farm.  Adorned with Bark, this powerful doll has been fastened together solely to bring you and your loved one’s protection from all evil energy and beings.  Also known as “Grandmother Sage” Blue Sage carries protective and cleansing energies, bringing peace of mind into the area it resides.
”The Blue Sage Doll is a protective Guardian, meant to be placed near or at significant thresholds; entrances to the home; the hearth; or “Heart” of the home; settled at a staircase landing; or even overlooking a nearby gate or walkway.  Blue Sage is naturally imbued with robust purifying, healing & protective energies of the Earth & Air.  Similar to the Servitor of postmodern magical practices, any doll or effigy may be assigned or insured with its own particular spirit or entity to perform a set range of tasks.  By deliberately authorizing them with an intention, they then can be named, worked with & ultimately given their designated Sacred Space or Altar.  Please know that this Doll was NOT created to be burned, but rather to be used as a Guardian against all unwanted energy.

These Dolls are Hand-Made and therefore vary slightly in Size and Shape

Approximately 11” in Height

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